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Portable Generator Sales and Repairs

We sell Honda portable generators, rated #1 by Builders Magazine and a favorite of campers and tailgaters.  We repair all makes and models of portable generators.  From a simple service to a complete overhaul, we have the ability to get your equipment back in working condition.  All generators are load tested prior to being picked up by the customer.  The length of time required to repair your generator is typically less than three days.  Factory warranty station for most brands.


Compressor Repairs

We repair all portable air compressors.  We make sure that your compressor is safe when it leaves our shop, gauges working, regulator working, idle kick down working, control valve working, safety relief tested, belt guard installed and drain valves in good condition.


Mixer Repairs

We repair Essick and Stone mixers.  Our capabilities include repacking tub bearings and seals, clutch repairs, gearbox repairs, engine repairs and of course paddles and paddleshaft replacements.  We weld repair tubs that have rusted through enabling our customers to get another year or two of service prior to replacement.


Welder Repairs

Our team repairs all engine problems that your Lincoln or Miller welder may have.  From service to complete overhaul, we have the expertise to return your welder to service.  All welders are put through a weld load test prior to being picked up by the customer.


Cement Finishing Equipment Repairs

All repairs needed on a walk behind trowel to a dual riding finisher can be accomplished at our facility.  Blade replacements, gearbox repairs, engine work, we do it all.


Compactor Repair

Vibra Plates and Rammers can be repaired by our trained staff.  We are a factory warranty station.


Cut off Saw Repair

We have factory training on Partner and Stihl Cutoff saws.  All saws are tested in multi positions prior to customer pick up.


Water Pump Sales and Repairs

Our shop sells Honda water and trash pumps.  We also offer complete repair capabilities on this equipment.  We are a Honda warranty station.

Contractor Equipment

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