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RV Generator Repair


We are factory authorized to repair Onan, Generac, Honda, Kohler, and Powertech RV generators.  We honor factory warranties as well as all extended warranties.  Our mechanics have over 25 years of experience and attend annual training sessions with the factory.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB and can typically repair your broken generator within two days or faster.  While others might just change parts to resolve a problem, we troubleshoot the generator and replace only the parts that are bad.  Schedule your appointment today so that your RV is ready for your next trip or event!



We install Onan and Generac generators into RV's or trailers.  Installation is performed to factory guidelines to ensure safety, air flow and exhaust requirements.  There is no better way to improve the value of your vehicle or trailer than by permanently installing a generator for electric power.  We install generators purchased from us or from others.  While others might install generators for less cost, we put your safety as the top priority.  Our installations always include the following to ensure your safety:


  •   Exhaust system that is leak free, tailpipe extends 1" past side of vehicle and not under window.

  •   Generator installed inside a metal box to contain a fire and give occupants time to vacate.

  •   Battery not installed in the same space as the generator.

  •   Provision for sufficient airflow to keep engine from overheating.

  •   Use of fire retardant insulation that meets FMVSS 302 safety standards.



We are one of the few shops that is capable of overhauling engines on RV generators.  We completely disassemble the generator and have the cylinder bored.  We install new piston, rings, valves, governor and rebuild the carburetor.  Rebuilt generators have a 6 month limited warranty.


Onan and Generac Sales

We sell and install new Onan and Generac Generators.  Our pricing is very competitive whether you are replacing an existing generator or needing a first time installation.  These generators are powered by gas, diesel or LP depending on your needs.


Parts Sales

We have a large inventory of Onan and Generac generator parts for you to pick up or receive via shipment.  Most parts ship the same day.  

New installation of Onan 7000 Gasoline Generator
Onan 4000 Watt Generator reinstallation 
New installation of Onan 7000 Gasoline Generator
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