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Tips for

RV Owners

Follow these tips to make sure you take the best care of your equipment:

  • Start and Run your Generator once a month for roughly one hour to ensure that the carburetor does not varnish.

  • If your generator is in a RV and not a trailer, always start your RV engine first and then start your generator.  This will ensure that your starter will not jam due to insufficient power.  After starting the generator you can turn your vehicle engine off.

  • Make sure that your generator tailpipe extends one inch minimum past the side of your RV.  This will control carbon monoxide buildup under the coach.

  • Have the valves adjusted on your generator every 500 hours and have your generator serviced at least once per year or every 200 hours.

  • Always make sure you are over 1/4 tank of fuel if you plan to use your generator.  Most RV's stop providing fuel to the generator when the fuel level reaches 1/4 tank.

  • If your generator is surging when it runs, get it repaired before doing additional damage to the automatic voltage regulator or to your RV appliances. 

  • Always remove the load from your generator prior to shutting it down or starting it up.

  • If you turn off your air conditioner, make sure to wait five minutes for the head to unload prior to restarting the AC.  This will keep your generator from stalling.

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